Election Judge Dem/Rep Primary Run-Off

every vote countsOver all I had a pretty positive experience.  It made for a long day, as I did not leave the elections office in Edinburg till 9:00 pm.


I oversaw the collection of 127 votes, and personally assisted an elderly voter, via the curbside ballot service.


I had 4 elections clerks:

two elderly gentle men, who had a hard time hearing

a middle aged man with a long braided pony tail

a middle aged lady who had a hard time staying focused ( she missed getting one signature and took a voter to the wrong poll, we had two polls set up one Democrat  and one Republican.

We worked really well as a team,  the lady said I was a good boss but kept questioning me as to why I was so quite.


I am considering doing it again in November….



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  2. Mateo de Rotaeo · May 25, 2016

    Nice profile pic


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