Day Twenty-Five:

I attended the Potluck & A Movie monthly event put on by Fooducated, and boy was it an eye opener!  Cases of Type II Diabetes is increasing amongst our youth, back in the day this was only occuring in older folks.  The cause is fast food, what also angered me about this is the food industry is targeting low income Americans! This food is fast, cheep and dangerous!!!  On a positive note: I was glad to see that my current diet was right in line with what I should be eating by eliminating sugar, white flour and getting taking my Omega 3 supplements.

2016-06-26 17.17.43

Potluck & A Movie

The Cine el Rey is a happening place these days! Right after the movie we got together for rehersal. If you haven’t got your tickets yet for the musical “Across the Universe” please go to

2016-06-23 14.39.36

An Original, Live Musical Adaption


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