Day Fifty-Two: wild weekend

Here we are at Sunday, again! My how time flies…

I started out yesterday at a Christmas in July event. My description of the event got lost in translation, Esme though there would be Christmas decorations for sale.

2016-07-23 12.21.30

Discovered a new bar, close to the house!2016-07-23 12.51.22

Then it was off to Weslaco for the Sierra Club meeting.2016-07-23 15.07.30After the meeting, I went with my friends to get some lonches! I had a late lunch , so took them to go for Esme. If you are ever in Wesleco be sure ad visit Nana’s Tacos!2016-07-23 16.56.39

We then went and cooled off in the pool at Yolanda’s house.

2016-07-23 18.30.32

Later that night we hit up Hillbilly’s & Londons. Ran into Marivel, hadn’t seen her in ages.

2016-07-24 02.12.32

2016-07-24 07.16.16


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