Day Forty-Three: TGIF

Sad news this morning in France.

But on the bright side, I am down 24.8 pounds!!!!

Seven Weeks

I got some new pics from last week’s performance!

Took down some Pokemon!

2016-07-14 19.11.19


Day Fourty: networking

I went to the RGV Hispanic Chamber yesterday.  Photo bombed this little girl taking selfies. ‚úĆūüŹĺÔłŹ

Manic Monday Mixer

We also had our cast party at Peter Piper! 

Across the Universe

Day Thirty-Eight: Feeling Strong


The Gun Show

Yesterday we did two more showes of Acrsoss the Universe!

2016-07-09 20.21.46

Pre Show Selfie

We dedicated the show to all the lives that have been lost this past week.  The lives of the Policemen who where protecing the peacful protest in Dallas. And the lives of the two black men that were snuffed away by the Police. #blacklivesmatter

I started out the day cutting grass and attending the farmers market. I passed out fliers and left them on cars as well!

2016-07-09 09.59.45

Day Thirty-Seven: Go Cowboys!

Gooooood Morning! It’s the weekend!!! I will be spending a majority of it at Cine El Rey , doing 4 shows today and tomorrow. So that means I will need to fire up the grill in a bit and get my meal prep on.

I was planing on going to Frida Fest last night and hand out fliers, but it wasnt happening till tomorrow. But I did get a nice pic with Tiffany & Frida

2016-07-08 18.34.07

Later that  night I went out with my friend Jackie Joe and I saw some weird shit at Londons.  One guy had his pants all the way down under his ass.  And then there was this poor girl:

2016-07-09 00.11.02

bra showing, Is this normal?