Three Months Later

2016-08-29 05.13.15


6.10.2016 day 8

Day 8

Its has been three months since I made a decision to drop the weight! And I am proud to say, I wont gain it back! I have learned how to eat right, processed foods are no longer at the top of my diet. Shout out to


Running in the rain!

2016-08-21 19.49.17

chilling after running in the rain!

We got rained on during our run yesterday! Aside from my shoes feeling like they weighed 20 lbs each, it was rather refreshing!

Here is a video of my last set of squats yesterday.



Hanging Tight @ 166.6

I have been able to maintain my weight & that gives me great joy! 

the sign of the beast mode

Joy was the key word in the sermon yesterday, btw.

I’m back on line with Pokémon 


out for a Pokérun

Got home late from HEB and whipped up a few things.


buttermilk waffles

not a bad combo

made a mess

Tax Free Weekend!

If you dont need to go to the mall, then stay away! It is cray cray out there!

I did have fun trying on suites at Banana Republic tho.  I got to the counter to pay for my 40% off suite, to find out that they were out of hangers.  Manger’s response was, they had a busy day and had run out.  They are also not allowed to give customer the nice wooden hangers that are used in the store. I told them to keep the suit 😦

I did however pick up this cool straw hat at Acadamy before heading over to the Mall.  Esme was shoppin next door at TJ Max, so that is the only way I got away with it!

2016-08-05 17.58.41

new straw hat #familytradition

2016-08-05 18.02.27

convo with Esme

2016-08-05 18.37.06 HDR

Posing outside, photo credit Esme’s sister