Three Months Later

2016-08-29 05.13.15


6.10.2016 day 8

Day 8

Its has been three months since I made a decision to drop the weight! And I am proud to say, I wont gain it back! I have learned how to eat right, processed foods are no longer at the top of my diet. Shout out to


Hanging Tight @ 166.6

I have been able to maintain my weight & that gives me great joy! 

the sign of the beast mode

Joy was the key word in the sermon yesterday, btw.

I’m back on line with Pokémon 


out for a Pokérun

Got home late from HEB and whipped up a few things.


buttermilk waffles

not a bad combo

made a mess

Tax Free Weekend!

If you dont need to go to the mall, then stay away! It is cray cray out there!

I did have fun trying on suites at Banana Republic tho.  I got to the counter to pay for my 40% off suite, to find out that they were out of hangers.  Manger’s response was, they had a busy day and had run out.  They are also not allowed to give customer the nice wooden hangers that are used in the store. I told them to keep the suit 😦

I did however pick up this cool straw hat at Acadamy before heading over to the Mall.  Esme was shoppin next door at TJ Max, so that is the only way I got away with it!

2016-08-05 17.58.41

new straw hat #familytradition

2016-08-05 18.02.27

convo with Esme

2016-08-05 18.37.06 HDR

Posing outside, photo credit Esme’s sister