Hanging Tight @ 166.6

I have been able to maintain my weight & that gives me great joy! 

the sign of the beast mode

Joy was the key word in the sermon yesterday, btw.

I’m back on line with Pokémon 


out for a Pokérun

Got home late from HEB and whipped up a few things.


buttermilk waffles

not a bad combo

made a mess


Day Fifty-Six: weigh in!

I hope this is the last one!!! I went for a 6.1 mile run last night!

2016-07-27 23.15.27

Came home to this:2016-07-27 23.29.24


Fun with Pokemon at work:2016-07-27 17.23.13.png

I changed my profile pic on FB too…

2016-07-27 14.53.23.png

Day Fifty-One: Still a looser!

I hit the scale this morning at 164.8! I am really likeing this. Yesterday when I was passing out paychecks, I had several people ask me: ”  are you sick ” and ” are you on a diet”.

We went out to Your Place last night, there were a lot of Pokemons there!

We ened up the night at Londons.

2016-07-23 01.10.40

The look of love, check out Ludy!