Historic Brownsville Half Marathon 

Ran this one without training. I don’t recommend it. Calves where sore for three days! Was proud to be running with my STRS crew of Coach Bas, Celinda,Jaime, Norma, and Emilia. Congrats to Coach Bas for getting first in our age group of the over the hill gang! ūüéČ I was also taking a stand against the LNG facilities that are looking to polute the lower RGV.¬†


Democrats & Sierra Club

Busy day yesterday! Started out with almost 6 miles at Mission Trails 
I then attended the Hidalgo Country CEC meeting at Ponchos.

The Sierra club meeting was next! 

I’m back! – darn you MS Outlook

I had been locked out of my computer the last couple of days due to not being able to reset my password.  I did not remember that when I set up my computer, I used my Outlook email! Thanks to Gama with Forged Technology Solutions for finding the solution to my problem!

forged tech


Now I can work on my new blog with Coach Bas. We are going to be posting weekly marathon training scedules and restaurant reviews.  I have been running with (sporaticly) for a while and he always has cool places to run and then afterwards we go to some pretty awesome breakfast spots.

breakfast with coach bas

Breakfast with Coach Bas!

Check out the blog at http://www.breakfastwithcoachbass.wordpress.com

Big hair, dont care! LOL

I just finished my moring set of the 1,000 squat challange.  I have 625 to go!

I got my teeth cleaned yesterday, don’t you hate it when they measure your pockets??

2016-08-08 16.15.58

getting my teeth cleaned

Managed to get a run in yesterday as well!

2016-08-08 20.06.43

5 hot miles!

1,000 Squats 7 Day Challange

My friend Miguel “the beast” Lerma is doing 1,000 squats for 7 days and has challenged team mvv to join him. I’ll be doing 150 per day with my 60 lb + bar. I did 3 sets of 25 in the morning and before bed last night. My legs are feeling it today!

I got up late and installed another wind turbin on the roof. Went for a four mile run. Then went to mass out at the Basilica de San Juan.

2016-08-07 18.42.50

Jesus Selfie

2016-08-07 18.46.33

behind the alter